Meeting spaces

When you need to meet…

We provide the room and reception support to complement your meeting needs.

Use the board room

  • seats up to 14 people
  • breakout area with lounge seating
  • up to 40 people for stand up / sit down functions
  • plus additional lounge suite seating
  • projector, electronic white board, teleconference phone, wifi
  • tea/coffee and catering as required

Or the meeting room

  • seats up to 5 people
  • suitable for small meetings such as interviews
  • located conveniently near reception

Available for casual or regular use

For booking enquiries, please use our contact form.

We often conduct mediation sessions at Hobart Corporate Centre. The receptionist ensures each party is shown to the appropriate room which starts the day smoothly.
The set-up is perfect for these meetings with a main room and additional break out room for the parties to talk in private.
The Board Room provides a professional environment to create an atmosphere conducive to achieving results.
Marcus Turnbull
Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers